Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was feeling stressed recently due to some issues that happened in my life, mainly my student and some relationship issues with my relatives.

#1: My p6 student whom I'd started teaching early this year has not been improving much and she has the hack care attitude towards her studies. I tried to change her attitude cos I don't want her to follow my footsteps. I really believe that every child is special and with the correct help they will be the next superstar in whatever field they choose to go. I don't want them to be happy with just a mediocre way of life.

Solution: I msged her mom that I plan to stop teaching her and my apologies twds her. Cos I feel that if she can find a better tutor to help her, why not?
To my surprise, she called me back and asked me to continue teaching after I told her my concerns. She said she will not blame me even if her daughter goes to Normal stream cos she sees improvement in her and that she will support me if I need any help. I was so touched her and I promised myself that I will not give up on her no matter what!

#2. Well, the problem that involved my relatives was kind of a blessing in disguise and our relationships got stronger and I'm so happy that I have cousins who love me dearly!

TO conclude, I learnt to appreciate life experiences and the surprises that they give!

And now I need to get back to my books! I must do well this round!