Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm going to give 2 thumbs up for the new revemped sbs transit site!

It used to be a friendly and useful site for people trying to get their way around Singapore.
And now it has gotten even friendlier and more useful! Ha~

Go try it!

It allows you to plan your journey by telling you which buses to take.
And you can decide the method of journey between : Shortest Travelling Time, Shortest Walking Distance or the cheapest fare!
Isn't it cool?
And it will even tell you the travelling time!
Ha~ So no excuse of being late! (Yup, that's for me!)

And it even has a QnA panel, whereby qns like "Why does the Bus Captain drives so slowly?"
is being answered. Well it does not help the next journey to be faster, but at least they make an effort to answer. Right?

So 3 cheers for the webmaster!!! Ha~

Countdown: 3 days to Hongkong trip!!!!!!!! Woohooo~