Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life is a learning process!

Well, Life has been pretty enriching these few days! Meeting my clients (Haa~ Must sound profession mah), learning the skill of dealing with people and learning lotsa stuffs!!
Well, yesterday shared with my aunt about the detox program and I'm surprised that along she has been reading up lotsa books and shared some knowledge we us too! And I was v happy to see my cousin too, been a long time since we met (abt 1 mth, but we missed each! Ha). Can't wait to embark on the hongkong trip with her! :D

The art of dealing with people
Well I guess one of the rewards of this biz is that you are "forced" to learn to deal with people effectively! That's something I hope to improve on :)

Reading Books
I'm glad I love to read books cos I often find many surprises in the books! Recently, I'm into eating healthily and thru my readings I've learnt the amazing fact that eating raw food ( veg and fruits ) are much much better than cooked food! Because after cooking them, the veg and fruits will lose their emzymes and part of the vit and minerals! And eating raw food long term has anti ageing effects too! Ha, so for all those who wanna look forever young do try it out! :)