Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sorry for the very overdue post on Hong Kong! That's because after my hk trip was my exams and then two days later (on 10 May to be exact)
I flew to Taiwan!!! Ha~ Just came back few hours ago!

Goodness, Hong Kong is just a paradise for all the foodie and fashion lovers!
A note of caution: It is very detrimental for your wallet though~ Ha

HZ had arranged to fly there on a Tiger Airways promotion and I flew with my cousins- Quan and rui, rui's bf (HZ) and HZ's 3 friends.

Well, I woke up at abt 6am and took and bus 53 to changi airport where there is a free bus service to the budget terminal!

I could still remember the excitement we had! It was our first time taking Tiger airways and I'd heard a number of reviews of it! Ha~ Lemme share mine:

Pros: The plane had very friendly crew and the best part was we could take a photo of the pilots in the cockpit. Ha~ And the air stewardess even chatted with us!The Price of the air ticket was slightly cheaper than SQ so if you are on budget, do consider taking it! =P

Cons: There is no free lunch in the world plane! Not even H20! Ha~ So do take your meals before boarding the plane unless you wish to pay SG$8 for a choice of nasi lemak or lor mai gai. And bring sufficient water to the plane otherwise it would be SG$2 for a bottle of mineral water!Also do remember to bring your own entertainment on board! Well, for me it was my com law textbook!! Ha~

Beautiful scene from the plane!

Have u seen such a fat packet of potato chips?? Hee~

We arrived in Macau 3 and 1/2 hrs later and was escorted by a pretty policewoman to the harbour to hk.

Hk is a very assessable country and you could get around most of the places by MTR. They have very clearly labeled maps at the stations and friendly people to help you if you are lost.

Our hotel:

We stayed at BP international hotel which was near to Jordan Mtr station

It is very well located as it is near to the night markets and shopping centres. Ha~The hotel is very clean, comfortable and has very efficient staffs!
We stayed in a Family Room which has 2 double decker beds. It was one of the best hotels I ever stayed. :)

The 5 of us (excl a couple) stayed in the room and we split the cost of $250 per night. WOuld stay in the hotel next time!

Day 1: Checked into our hotel and went to temple street for dinner and to walk walk. This is the place where we had our dinner~! The dumplings soup is very delicious!

We also found a mango dessert stall (Xu liu Shan) which is very famous in hk. It was very delicious and there was like 50 types of mango desserts for you to choose from. WOo~ right?And in hk, you can hardly find supermarkets but you'll find plenty of 7-11! Every 50 steps you will find one!

At night we went to lan kwai fong & xin guang da dao and where it's very similar to our esplanade. Nice scenery and you can find celebrities hand prints on the floor!

Day 2: In the morning, we went to a dim sum place for yum cha. Well, the harkau was delicious and the others was quite gd too. Well, I guess yum cha is something everyone has to do when u are at hk!

Then we went to the famous -- woman street (Nu Ren Jie). It is a place of shopaholics but the shops kinda repeats themselves after a while. You can find nice imitations and cutie stuffs there, fans of hello kitty and sario characters will love the place. I bought an orignal little twin star bed sheet set which is very comfortable for abt SGD$8. Quite a gd deal right? Btw, for men, do look out of this stall selling men's clothing that is located at the end of nu ren jie. It has very nice topman kind of shirts selling at a fraction of what topman is selling! Ha~

And for snoopy fans (like ME), you will find a charlie brown cafe near the end of nu ren jie too! Love the cafe!!! For foodie lovers, do remember to try their beef horfun and smelly beancurd (cho doufu)!! Very Yummy!!!

Day 3: I stayed in the hotel to study while they went out for breakfast. And they came back with fried dumplings and porridge for me! Let me tell you, it was simply the best porridge ever. SO smooth and juicy! I heard that they actually boiled it overnight! So It is not to be missed!!!!!!! After that, we left to macau to catch our flight back to singapore! If you ever go macau, do remember to buy their egg tart and seaweed egg roll! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

P.s: Be prepared to experience gd service from the people there! Give 2 thumbs up for their work attitude!!

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