Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hi all!

(Pardon me that the font appears very BIG, I just hope to get the message across) :)

I was helping my student to do some research on a topic of recycling that her teacher has gave her as her internet was down.

Well, all of us know that we should try to reduce using plastic bags and reuse them, but how many of us really know the facts behind why we should do so.

Just some facts I'd like to share,
Do u know Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That comes out to over one million per minute. Scary isn't it???

In 1999, the U.S. alone used 10 billion paper grocery bags, requiring 14 million trees to be cut down. 14 million trees in 1 year... EWWW!

Well, THE SCARY FACT IS THIS, like me you might think RECYCLING can fix all these right??
Recycling rates for plastic bags
are extremely low. Only 1 to 3% of plastic bags end up getting recycled.

And guess where do all the rest goes to Third world countries like India and China which are rapidly becoming the dumping grounds for the Western world's glut of recyclables.

What can we do??
Well, I am going to start using reusable shopping bag from today onwards! What abt U??

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey guys, go and take a look at this

Bill and melinda gates' charity foundation. Wooah~ I'm really amazed by this, 2 people with the capabilities of changing the lives of thousands for the better.

It amazes me that they have made a fortune and give it away.

Will I be able to do it too?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Dear Friends, Read this...

The Quarter-Life Crisis by unknown
It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are a lot of things about yourself that you didn't know and may or may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now.
You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest people you have ever met and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones. What you do not realize is that they are realizing that too and are not really cold or catty or mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you.
You look at your job. It is not even close to what you thought you would be doing or maybe you are looking for one and realizing that you are going to have to start at the bottom and are scared.
You miss the comforts of college, of groups, of socializing with the same people on a constant basis. But then you realize that maybe they weren't so great after all.
You are beginning to understand yourself and what you want and do not want. Your opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are doing and find yourself judging a bit more than usual because suddenly you realize that you have certain boundaries in your life and add things to your list of what is acceptable and what is not. You are insecure and then secure. You laugh and cry with the greatest force of your life. You feel alone and scared and confused. Suddenly change is the enemy and you try and cling on to the past with dear life but soon realize that the past is drifting further and further away and there is nothing to do but stay where you are or move forward.
You get your heart broken and wonder how someone you loved could do such damage to you or you lay in bed and wonder why you can't meet anyone decent enough to get to know better. You love someone but maybe love someone else too and cannot figure out why you are doing this because you are not a bad person.
One night stands and random hook ups start to look cheap and getting wasted and acting like an idiot starts to look pathetic. You go through the same emotions and questions over and over and talk with your friends about the same topics because you cannot seem to make a decision.
You worry about loans and money and the future and making a life for yourself and while wining the race would be great, right now you'd just like to be a contender!
What you may not realize is that everyone reading this relates to it. We are in our best of times and our worst of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out.

How many of you relate to this article??

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I wish people would be more tactful with words and think before they talk.
I wish people would be more positive.

The world will be a nicer place. Don't you think so?

I must work hard towards my dream!!! Jiayou!!

Argh.. Hate to feel this way!! It's been a long time since I feel this way. Shucks...

Anyway, I have recently created a mini garden outside my house!
The family members are

Dragon fruit plant (Tell you a little secret: A flower seems to be blooming!! Woo!)

White orchid (I love this! It is simply a beautiful art piece! I'm amazed how God has created it! And the 6 flowers will bloom for 2 months!!)

Pandan Leaves ( Don't you belittle this plant! It can chase away the yucky cockroaches and bring fragrances to your rice and green bean soup! Yumz!)

Unknown Plant ( Well, I am still trying the find out the name of this plant! Ha~ It was a baby when I bought it and now it grows at a speed of 2.5cm / day! Amazing right! I even put a ruler beside it! Haa~)

Aloe Vera ( This plant has been with me for the longest and it is a survivor! )

I'm so in love with them now! And I plan to bring in new family members to this little garden of mine! I will take pictures of them once I get back my camera!!!!!!

I wish people would be more tactful with words and think before they talk.
The world will be a nicer place. Don't you think so?

I must work hard towards my dream!!! Jiayou!!

I wish people would be more tactful with words and think before they talk.
The world will be a nicer place. Don't you think so?

I must work hard towards my dream!!! Jiayou!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It’s been so long since I updated!
Woo~ The Taipei photos was stuck at the other comp and it is down thus I can’t post it online! Argg…
Anyway, June is the month for getting in touch with old friends. Sec, Jc, track friends etc.
Had 2 gatherings last week and 2 more is coming up! Miss 'em!
Woo~ Well, I had a BIG accomplishment this week! That is I’ve finally tidied the whole house0 which includes clearing all the clutters, repairing all the broken stuffs, donated away useful but unused stuffs, recycled things that can be reused, clear all the dust mites, and make space for the coming big plans ahead for me! Ha! And I love Ikea—but kind of tired of eating meatballs~ Ha.. Cos the only veg they have is potatoes!

Anyway, I came to realize that I spent 1/5 of my life starting projects and never ended them. It’s time I end what I’ve started! Jiayou to myself!!!!