Thursday, June 15, 2006

I wish people would be more tactful with words and think before they talk.
I wish people would be more positive.

The world will be a nicer place. Don't you think so?

I must work hard towards my dream!!! Jiayou!!

Argh.. Hate to feel this way!! It's been a long time since I feel this way. Shucks...

Anyway, I have recently created a mini garden outside my house!
The family members are

Dragon fruit plant (Tell you a little secret: A flower seems to be blooming!! Woo!)

White orchid (I love this! It is simply a beautiful art piece! I'm amazed how God has created it! And the 6 flowers will bloom for 2 months!!)

Pandan Leaves ( Don't you belittle this plant! It can chase away the yucky cockroaches and bring fragrances to your rice and green bean soup! Yumz!)

Unknown Plant ( Well, I am still trying the find out the name of this plant! Ha~ It was a baby when I bought it and now it grows at a speed of 2.5cm / day! Amazing right! I even put a ruler beside it! Haa~)

Aloe Vera ( This plant has been with me for the longest and it is a survivor! )

I'm so in love with them now! And I plan to bring in new family members to this little garden of mine! I will take pictures of them once I get back my camera!!!!!!