Thursday, June 01, 2006

It’s been so long since I updated!
Woo~ The Taipei photos was stuck at the other comp and it is down thus I can’t post it online! Argg…
Anyway, June is the month for getting in touch with old friends. Sec, Jc, track friends etc.
Had 2 gatherings last week and 2 more is coming up! Miss 'em!
Woo~ Well, I had a BIG accomplishment this week! That is I’ve finally tidied the whole house0 which includes clearing all the clutters, repairing all the broken stuffs, donated away useful but unused stuffs, recycled things that can be reused, clear all the dust mites, and make space for the coming big plans ahead for me! Ha! And I love Ikea—but kind of tired of eating meatballs~ Ha.. Cos the only veg they have is potatoes!

Anyway, I came to realize that I spent 1/5 of my life starting projects and never ended them. It’s time I end what I’ve started! Jiayou to myself!!!!