Monday, August 14, 2006

This thursday marks the first day of PSLE examinations for the P6 students. And it means something to me as I've 2 P 6 students!

Well, as I was walking home Sherlin's home, I began to think that I had actually taught her for 5 YEARS! From P2-P6! Wow! Yeah, it's like I have watched her grown from a chubby little girl to a lady who is taller than me now (By 2 cm.. hee). It is really an amazing experience. She is my first student and she is really one of the best student a teacher could ask for.

I am really proud of her!
She will always amaze me with her results not that she will always get full marks, but she will try her best during her exams.
Eg. Today she told me she had gotten full marks for her chinese prelims oral! And she was the only Singaporean students who had gotten this in her school! Haa! I mean I did not even get such gd grades before!
And she is a humble girl too, cos she did not boast about it, but told me it was due to gd luck :)
I really feel she is a girl with a high EQ!

Not only is she gd in her studies, she is the captain of her basketball team too! And she will always share stories of her basketball trainings!!!

Come to think of it, it will be about a month before her PSLE ends!! Woo! I believe she will grow up to be an amazing lady!!! Yeah!!

I really feel that children are so special, they are so real, as in they are just themselves and it feels stress free to be with them :)

Btw people, go check out this puzzle!!
If u can figure out how it works, tell me!! Hee!