Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is a story about my 3 tomato plants- "to", "mat" and "o". Yup, the names are quite not creative but if you can think of something better, let me know. They are 4 months old and I've see them grow from a seed to a 15 cm tall plant.
Well, they are my favourite plants as they always are strong and grow very fast.
Every morning, I'll never fail to water it and talk to them.
Then the fateful day came.
On saturday, I decided to re-pot them into a longer new plastic pot which I'd bought few months ago. Dad helped me and we spent around 1 hours to transfer them into their new house.

On sunday morning, when I was doing my morning visit to see my plants, I was shocked to see a puddle of water on top of the soil. Thinking that it was the heavy rain that caused this, I did not think much.

Then on monday morning, the same thing happened and I could see some of the leaves withering! And as I was rushing to go out, I thought it must have been the heavy rain that caused it. And that at night, it will be fine

Last night, I decided to drain out some of the water, and was shocked to see lots of water stuck in the pot. And guess what I discovered???

Omg!!!! How can the stupid company sell pots without holes underneath!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt so sad that I'm losing them. Last night, I placed them in ICU (With my baby aloe vera) hoping that they will be ok today. But they still looked like they are not going to suvive. Haizzz... I felt that I have killed them. No, maybe I should sue the company for attempting to kill my plants!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It was a tough time for everyone yesterday, cos my aunt had passed away yesterday morning. And I felt guilty because initially I wanted to go to the hospital to see her yesterday.

Last night, almost all my relatives turned up for the funeral and initally I did not have a courage to see her because it was all so sudden. The last time we met was during chinese new year and she was all so well and happy.

And yesterday a mixture of feelings set inside me. Guilt, sadness and pain. Guilt because I feel that I did not put in my best to try to know my aunt in the past, sadness because of her sudden departure, and pain after seeing my ah ma looking sad.

I going to treasure everyone around me more, esp my Ah Ma. Love her lotssssss!!
I'm going to tell mum to invite her to stay at my place and I'm going to buy all the nice foodie for her!!!!!!

In times like these, I really feel happy to have a united family.

And dear all,
do take note if your family members have high blood pressure k??
And inform them that if they feel the following symptoms:
numbness on their limbs, blurness of sight, unable to walk straight, feels difficult to get up from the chair etc. They must quickly get to the hospital to do a body checkup, because all these are tell tale signs of stroke!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Things happen for a reason, and sometimes things happen when you least expect.

Since young, I am quite close with my extended family (Uncles, aunts, cousins and Ah ma). And today I just received news that one of my aunt is hospitalised due to stroke. She suffer from blood clot in the brain. And I think she's in the ICU now.

Although, she's the one who is most distant from us, I was really stunned to hear such a news. And little did I know that she had high blood pressure.

It makes me feel how vulnerable life is and how we often take simple things like good health for granted.


It makes me think about how I often do things that harm my body, such as eating at irregular timings due to tuition and school, not exercising enough etc.

Dear body, I promise I will take good care of you!
And I must earn lotsa money so as to take care of my family too esp my Ah ma!!!!

Dear everyone who reads this, please take care of your body! It is the closest and dearest thing you have when you are alive!!! Remember, cut down on white rice, white bread, fatty meat, oily food and processed food!!! Eat more brown rice, wholemeal bread , lean meat, vegetables and fruits!

Hope my aunt will recover soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I'm so glad MR project is done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!
I less task to do!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can concentrate on gaining weight, exams, my dearest PSLE students and sleeping more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

"It's you who make me stronger
I need you more than ever
You're the reason why I'm singing for you
It's you who create the wonders
In all my days of struggles
It's your love that surrounds my whole world"