Thursday, September 21, 2006

It was a tough time for everyone yesterday, cos my aunt had passed away yesterday morning. And I felt guilty because initially I wanted to go to the hospital to see her yesterday.

Last night, almost all my relatives turned up for the funeral and initally I did not have a courage to see her because it was all so sudden. The last time we met was during chinese new year and she was all so well and happy.

And yesterday a mixture of feelings set inside me. Guilt, sadness and pain. Guilt because I feel that I did not put in my best to try to know my aunt in the past, sadness because of her sudden departure, and pain after seeing my ah ma looking sad.

I going to treasure everyone around me more, esp my Ah Ma. Love her lotssssss!!
I'm going to tell mum to invite her to stay at my place and I'm going to buy all the nice foodie for her!!!!!!

In times like these, I really feel happy to have a united family.

And dear all,
do take note if your family members have high blood pressure k??
And inform them that if they feel the following symptoms:
numbness on their limbs, blurness of sight, unable to walk straight, feels difficult to get up from the chair etc. They must quickly get to the hospital to do a body checkup, because all these are tell tale signs of stroke!